Mia Quintero


About Me

“My name is Mía Sara Quintero, and I am a recent graduate from the University of North Texas, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Fashion Design with two minors in Mexican American Studies and Spanish. My education, where I acquired skills of garment construction and Adobe applications, and my industry experiences have prepared me to be a creative luminary who is constantly refining her skills in all areas of design.

In anything I design, I always find that I draw aspects from my own experiences and from my background. My Mexican American identity plays a significant role and is showcased in many of my designs. The statements we make through our clothing allow for an exploration of who we are and our historic roles in this world; our clothes tell a story. I yearn to create clothes that speak volumes in our world—to create art that ultimately fabricates empowerment and confidence.”

-Mia Quintero