Kristian Castro


About Me

“Hello, my name is Kristian Castro!
I am an Independent Fashion Designer. Fashion design is my passion and creativity is my motivation. I am currently a student at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, studying fashion design in my fourth year. I design merging traditional, modern and current fashion trends to create unique looks for the 21st century woman. Through my self-motivated drive and desire to achieve success at the highest level, I have established myself as a leader and example amongst my peers. It is through my work ethic, astute attention to detail and continual interest in the exploration of cultures and trends and modern adaptations of these cultures and their effect on fashion that continue to help establish me in the fashion design community. I have experience in personal tailoring and individualized style consulting for many different people. Outside of the fashion world, I have gained experience in childcare, child development, and education. I have accumulated leadership skills working with peers as well as working with older people though several different organizations. My current focus is completing school but I intend to succeed in whatever I chose to do next.”

-Kristian Castro