Jose Negrete


About Me

“My name is Angel Negrete. Inspired by androgyny, I strive to create designs for youth to help provide clothing that better expresses individuals and boost their confidence.

Growing up I was always interested in the fine arts but never felt a connection to anything until I stumbled across an Armani Summer collection my senior year in High School. I realized then that fashion is a type of art and I became obsessed with all the many ways a individual can express themselves based on some pieces of fabric on their body. Growing up in West Texas, I noticed there weren’t too many clothing options that helped expressed how I felt on the inside. I wanted to be extravagant and flashy with colorful prints and different textures but I felt limited. Most clothing that I did like weren’t specifically made for my body or assigned gender. This made me question why specific clothing was meant for specific gender and why it was culturally forbidden to wear a dress as a man. As a designer today I strive to challenge these social norms and help create looks for these specific individuals.”

                           -Jose Negrete