Elon Kedebe


“About MeElon K. Kebede is a recent graduate from University of North Texas. With her fine draping, illustration, pattern making and garment construction expertise, as well as knowledge in photoshop and illustrator designer Elon Kebede was able to graduate with her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design.

Her acquired skills and talents birthed from her upbringing as an Ethiopian-American first generation daughter. From her mother teaching her how to thread a needle at the age of 6, Elon has since been sewing away.

With her many achievements and knowledge from past internships and freelance designer positions, Elon has been able to sharpen her skills and truly zone into the area in which she will master in. Her main desires are to grow in the fashion industry and learn as much as she can, while elevating the company she is with! Her eye has been sharpened and made ready for such a time as this.”

-Elon Kedebe