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About Me

My name is Carlos Reyes but I am more professionally known as Renacio. I have finished studies in Fashion Design at both The University of North Texas as well as the Paris American Academy. Specializing in women’s couture and evening wear, I have spilled my creativity onto the world using the Red Carpet as my canvas. My brand Renacio has been featured on Vogue and Time magazine as well as many other publications. I pride myself in executing flawless garments to my clients that meet not only their needs but the sophisticated Renacio aesthetic. There is so much joy to be had when a piece finds a peaceful spot on the intersection of my brand’s established look and my client’s needs.


Poised, Renacio paints an image of confidence that allures and seduces. Sexuality and sophistication find themselves dancing dauntlessly alongside one another, a dark ballad with unapologetic exultancy. Needle and thread passing through the fabric, mirroring the cherub’s fingertips and their weightless harps on satin clouds. For every note struck, a silk adornment added; every octave change, a garment finalized.

A point of view reborn, understood across all perspectives.

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  Carlos Reyes