Brooklyn Houston


About Me

“Brooklynn Houston, a current senior at the University of North Texas, pursues a B.F.A in Fashion Design with a minor in Merchandising. With six years of sewing experience and over a year of unpaid internships, Brooklynn was able to study under independent designers and head seamstresses at varying companies throughout the Dallas area to develop the required skills of the fashion industry. Meanwhile, her own designs are created by pushing the limits. Through experimenting with unexpected materials and approaches, she establishes intricate details, layers of exquisite depth, and other surprising features in her ensembles. Starting in bridal, she continued to pursue eveningwear, knitwear, children’s wear, and 3D designing with Gerber technology. The number of internships reflects her determination and desire to learn about each field of opportunities provided to her.

Her strongest skills include patternmaking, sewing construction, hand and CAD illustrations, as well as thorough presentation boards to articulate her vision in every aspect. Detail oriented, punctual, and motivated enough to be multi-tasked team player, she has become the perfectionist that is needed to fulfill her interests of working in custom designing. Intricate, meticulous work is her passion and is why her interests have geared toward the bridal and evening wear categories. She aspires to be in a position that will push her to learn and create on a daily basis while allowing her to focus on refining the techniques of her passion.”

                                                                                                                      -Brooklyn Houston