Aniekeme Inyang


About Me

“I am an upcoming apparel & accessories designer looking for apparel and technical design jobs and connections in the fashion industry. I am skilled in garment design, patternmaking, industrial sewing and technical design using Adobe Illustrator.

I went into fashion because growing up in Nigeria, I found myself drawing clothes a lot and making custom clothes for my barbie dolls with scrap fabric and a thread and needle.

Having moved to the United States, I saw how different fashion was perceived. People were proud to represent their cultures. Back home, common wear is westernized; imported t-shirts, imported dresses, imported everything. Traditional clothes were reserved for those who could not afford these western clothes or for special occasions/celebrations. Digging deeper, I found that this was an effect of colonization, us viewing our own wares as undignified for everyday wear and trying to adapt ourselves to western culture. Different cultures across Nigeria have always made “haute couture” garments but we were still viewed as uncivilized. Over the years, Nigeria has produced designers that go back to our roots and restore our traditional styles and fabrics to modern everyday wear. I want to contribute to that restoration. My goal is to properly establish my fashion brand featuring luxury garments and custom made couture garments for men and women using fabrics and styles that are specific to my Nigerian culture. I want to explore the plus size industry because it is highly neglected.

In the meantime, I am looking for apparel and jewellery design positions to grow my experience in the industry. I currently have two years of industry experience. I have interned for Collina Strada and I am currently working as the Head Apparel Designer for Xena Inc. I also have my own luxury apparel brand, Emmanuel Kann which I design and produce for. I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design at the University of North Texas. I have taken courses such as Technical Design, Pattern making, Industrial Sewing, Industrial Techniques and Fashion Illustration.”

-Aniekeme Inyang